Tamiya’s Scale Models Possess Such Intricate Detail That They Are Often Described As 「museum Items」.these Models Are Nearly Perfect Replicas Of Full-size Objects, Shrunken Down To A Smaller Scale.through The Process Of Assembling, Painting And Finishing These Accurate Models By Hand,one Is Provided With A Unique 「three-dimensional」 Insight Into The Shape And Vast Detail Of The full-sized Object At A Mere Glance….


Official Tamiya Agent

Waigo Hobby first opened its door to model enthusiasts in Hong Kong in 1976. From the beginning, we were already focused on selling top quality R/C models and providing excellent after sales services to our customers. In just four years, our business has grown from retail to wholesale and distribution for many major R/C brand names. Starting form 1980, we were the official distributor of Futaba, Sanwa, O.S. Engines, Yokomo, Hirobo, and other popular brands for Hong Kong and China.